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Our Contributors

Contributors are corporations or organizations that wholly provide financial or equipment support to our project. They offer such support for the primary purpose of contributing to a pure research initiative and to aid in American innovation, development, and progress.

3M Corporation

3M specializes in a broad range of materials, embedded devices, and end-user hardware. 3M has graciously donated two MicroTouch M170 Touch Monitors for our embedded computing and instrumentation development.

Fluke Corporation

Fluke specializes in industrial test and measurement equipment and instrumentation. Fluke has contributed an PM6306 RCL Meter and a 396 Arbitrary Waveform Generator to the PDP. The RCL meter will standardize new sample cells, and measure the conductivity of new chemical samples to standardize sample preparation. The latter is critical because an increased conductivity will obscure the dielectric signals of the peptides and proteins.

Mettler-Toledo, Inc.

Mettler-Toledo specilizes in professional laboratory instruments earning over one billion per year. Mettler-Toledo has graciously donated an AT261 Analytical Balance and a MP220 pH Meter. These instruments are used in preparing peptide and protein sample solutions for the PDP.

Millipore Corporation

Millipore is the industry-standard of products for bioscience and molecular biology laboratories. I have used Millipore products to test stream, lake, and drinking water since I was eight years old. Millipore has graciously donated an Elix 5 Reverse-Osmosis Type II (ASTM ~8MOhm) Water Purification System and a Milli-Q Academic A10 UltraPure Type I (ASTM ~18MOhm) Water Purification System. The combination of these systems will provide the highest quality water for peptide and protein sample preparation for dielectric studies.

National Instruments Corporation

National Instruments earns 426 million per annum and is currently working with IQ to develop the Phase I & IV Impedance Spectrometers. They have provided computer interface boards, such as GPIB and digital I/O, and LabView Full v7 which is software for instrument control, data acquisition, and real-time analysis. LabViewis the premiere software for scientific instrumentation and data acquisition.