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A hundred years ago, the endeavors of scientific research were wide open and advances were frequent and broad. Today, discovery and innovation have greatly narrowed. We must rely on each other to collaborate and contribute within the scientific community. The open source movement is an example of such contributions and collaborations.

We, at infinite quanta, believe that the energy and benefits of charity flows in both directions. We believe that giving back to the scientific community and society, as a whole, edifies each of us and the world around us, rippling like waves through water. Please join our collaborative efforts by involving yourself with our efforts.

Software Downloads

Our scientific endeavors center around software development. We develope LabView instrument drivers to interface with the signal generators, incubators, and detectors for our instrumentation and Mathematica packages to view peptides and proteins in three dimensions from the Protein DataBank (PDB).

The Peptide Dynamics Blog

The Peptide Dynamics Blog attempts to stimulate and centralize collaboration on dielectric theory and instrumentation of peptides and proteins.

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