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The Peptide Dynamics Project

The PDP is a scientific research endeavor to study the impedance spectra of proteins.

Peptide Dynamics Project


The entire PDP proposal and project is presented in this single Adobe Acrobat (PDF) document. Please click on the icon to the left or below to open or download the document.

The Cathedral

The Cathedral

Not the bricks, or mortar, not the walls, or not even the rooms; it is the Cathedral. This overviews the overall purpose and general approach of the project, as well as, the practical applications and the current project status of the PDP.

The Abstract


The abstract is an overview of the scientific hypothesis and the proposed project.

The Introduction


The introduction begins the detailed journey into the ideas and concepts of the PDP.



The theory of induced and permanent dipole moment reponses to an applied electric field in solution is based on classical electrodynamics. Anomalous dispersion and absorption form the basis of complex impedance instrumentation and the observed dielectric spectra. This basis models the experimental peptide and protein responses in the PDP.

Biological Molecules

Biological Molecules

Biological molecules, specifically peptides and proteins, lie at the heart of study for the PDP. Their impedance and dielectric responses depend on a deep understanding of their physical, electrical, and chemical structure and characteristics.

Instrumentation and Experimental

Instrumentation & Experimental

The custom designed and built dielectric spectrometer lies at the heart of the PDP, for all experimental complex dielectric responses of peptides and proteins in aqueous solution are based on the instrument and its collected data.

Annual Objectives and Budgets

Annual Objectives & Proposed Budgets

The technical developments and overall scientific goals are annually disseminated over a four year period. Annual budgets are proposed for the required equipment and consulting to satisfy each annual objective.

The Summary


Final concluding remarks concerning the PDP.

The References


The huge shoulders we attempt to build upon. The prior-art, depth of knowledge, and wisdom that aid in our own understanding to pull all the loose ends together and strive for a greater goal.