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Human DNA Roadmap

Human Genome to Binary Project

This project seeks to map the human genome (DNA) into binary and then interpret that binary code into legible/readable english using the ASCII character table. I know the assumptions implied in this project, but, if we never look for it, then we'll never find it.

Assistance Requested

We need human readers in this project. You don't need to be a scientist or computer programmer for you to contribute to this project. We need people competent in the english language that can read the various words that are built into the human DNA. This project provides the tools to display the words found in the human DNA and report your findings. Once sentences are found, we give you the tools to present your findings on this website. You'll also get the credit for it. The project is enormous, with eight (8) different scans for each of the 24 chromosomes ranging from 10 to 148 million bits, there is an awful lot of reading to get done. So register for our project as a reader and start hunting.

Ws also need computer and programming enthusiasts to contribute to the project. Any and all data from the raw nucleotide sequences, to the binary, to the legible bytes, to full words are at your disposal. You'll have the full capacity to download the raw data of any level in XML, JSON, or Python dictionary/list formats. This will allow you to easily import the data into whatever programming language you're most comfortable and competent. So register for our project as a programmer and start hunting.


There are two assumptions in this project. First, the nucleic acid sequence of human DNA can, or should be, converted using the ASCII character table. The ASCII table dates back to the early 1960's, or with the advent of the first computers. All computers thereafter, including personal devices, i.e., iPhones/Androids, and embedded computers, i.e., cars, microwaves, televisions, include an embedded version of the ASCII table. And second, the converted words are based on the english language.

It is possible that our DNA may have a translational message embedded within its sequences based on the ASCII table. Although, this project will also include punctuation and simple math symbols. There are no other fundamental conversions to elevate binary, composed of only 0's (zeros) and 1's (ones), into a higher legible/readable system. Therefore, the ASCII table is our only alternative at this time.

Human DNA is extremely voluminous. To aid in its interpretation, the following link will explain the basis of the nucleic acid to binary, binary into punctuation, symbols, and letters, and finally letters into words. At each step, the results will be published for your review to allow for further suggestions and direction into this project.

Enter the Human Genome to Binary Project

Disclaimer: view, download, or use of any data, implicit or explicit, is used with permission and free of all liability.