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Robert Macias

With over fifty years in electronics and communications, Bob has worked at such companies as Motorola, Bendix Avionics, and Sensormatic Electronics. Bob is our chief electronics designer and builder.

Robert was born in Detroit Michigan. In high school he was the yearbook photographer. After graduating he worked as a sports photographer for the Detroit News and United Press International. Uncle Sam claimed Robert for the next two years. Then after being honorably discharged from the US Army Corp of Engineers his exposure to military electronic equipment induced him to return to school (DeVry Tech. Chicago) and study Electronic Engineering. Roberts early work experience with Motorola as a Field Engineer in sub- miniature communication systems brought him to South Florida. He then joined Bendix Avionics of Fort Lauderdale where he tested UHF weather antennas and microwave altimeters. Roberts's next employer, Sensormatic Electronics of Deerfield Beach Florida hired him to design miniature UHF equipment to replace their existing cumbersome systems and to design test systems for quality control. 25 years later, Robert retired from Sensormatic (now Tyco) at the age of 60 with experience in microwave receiving and transmitting systems, half cycle magnetizing, microwave array antenna systems, designing and programming "bed of nail" test fixtures for printed circuit boards, wafer fabrication equipment, robotic testing and handling of PC components, robotic remote camera testing and managing a staff of technicians and engineers.

Robert lives on Amelia Island Florida and enjoys several pastimes with his wife Betty and his dog Taco. You can find them on the beach treasure hunting, snorkeling, rafting, or doing radio duty at the lighthouse for the Coast Guard Auxiliary.